Catch a Falling Tyger

Catch a Falling Tyger

She has a star in her grasp, but this one will burn her…

By Cathryn Cade w/a CJ CADE

Chaz Jaguari, inter-galactic singing star, is in trouble.


As he hides from his adoring public and the paparazzi on the luxury spaceship LS Quantum, the great ship detours close to his home planet, Bryght… and into the pull of his mating moons. Now the Tyger is in mating shift–mad, bad and dangerous to anyone but a willing female Tyger.


Lucky for him, there's one available.


Roxie Fellura, failed Holovid journalist, is in trouble.


As she goes about her PR duties on board Quantum, she's beguiled into a tryst as shift-mate to a virile, handsome male of her race. A Tygress' sensual dream come true.

If she doesn't help him, he'll have to be tranqed until he can be transported off the liner. If she does… she'll have the liaison of her life.


There's just one, big, snarling problem… he's the reason she ran from their home planet in disgrace. The celebrity she humiliated before the entire galaxy.


 And if he finds out who she really is…she may lose more than her job this time.

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