Dark Runner

Dark Runner

'The 5th Element meets 50 Shades!'  

By Cathryn Cade w/a CJ CADE

Series: The LodeStar Series

Book 5

Tal Darkrunner is not just a tattooed bad boy, he’s the leader of a dangerous gang in New Seattle, Earth II.

Serpentian warrior Scala Raj knows this—so why can’t she stay away from him? She’s supposed to be spying on him to gain back her freedom, not falling for him. 

Tal fought his way to the top in the vicious streets of New Seattle, Earth II.

Now he rules his gritty kingdom, his skin marked with a piece of inked body art for every victory won through his courage, cunning and absolute refusal to back down—ever.

Only one thing could send him hurtling into deep space—a mission to find and destroy the slavers who tried to take the one woman he wanted.

He trusts no one, including Scala, the defiant beauty with a lethal body who joins his small crew.

That won’t stop him from enjoying the pleasures of her body. But no matter how fiery the passion that arcs between them, he’ll never risk his heart.

Unless she slips under his guard and steals it …

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This terrific tale takes place in the world of Cathryn Cade’s LodeStar series.  It can be read standalone but you would get more out of it if you’ve read the previous books as the characters in this story have played a part in Stark Pleasure; the Space Magnate's Mistress (LodeStar, #1) but takes place after Captive of Pleasure: The Space Pirates Woman (LodeStar #3).  These are part of a sexy fun Space Opera and I love them all.   In Dark Runner we get to know sexy bad boy Tal Darkrunner a bit better.  Tal is the head ganger in New Seattle, New Earth II.  You cross him at your peril.  Scala Raj has made some mistakes and is recruited to work and spy on Tal in exchange for a full pardon.  She is smart, sexy and bad to the bone but she isn’t ready for the chemistry between her and Tal.  Tal can count the number of people he trusts on 3 fingers but the new sexy Serpentian is starting to slither into what passes for his heart.    Caution this story has a sexy as sin tatted bad boy, a sensual Serpentian, and a couple of sexually adventurous crew members.  Breakout the ice water and strap yourself in for one sizzling hot ride. Donna Antonio
-- 5 Stars, D Antonio Reviews,
Night Owl Reviews TOP PICK! Tal Darkrunner is the spectre from Kiri te Nawa's past. He wants to be her future, but likely never will. Enter Scala Raj, who bears an eerie resemblance to Kiri...but only physically. Now collared and chipped for crime, Scala will do anything to get her life back. Since she pushes all Tal's buttons, their chemistry heats up off the charts! Tal has a very tough exterior, but does he have a soft heart for the right woman?
-- 4.5 Stars, NOR Reviewer Chris
Great Storytelling of SF Romance in the Lodestar Series! These two claw their way out of exploited childhoods and attempt to become more than they thought they could. Cade does a terrific job of linking their preferences to their background.
-- 5 Stars, Grizzly Wife, Amazon
Expand your horizons - One of my favorites in the LodeStar series! It features romance with some voyeuristic kink thrown in, a super-hot male lead, and a non-traditional (but happy) ending. An adventurous and positive story!
-- 5 Stars, Vorona, Amazon
Very well written. Plot and world development at it's best. ! Darkrunner is a character in the Logan Stark series that is even more devious and scary than Logan is! I wasn't sure if I wanted to read his book, so I got to the last in series and realized I just HAD to read Darkrunner because the man had serious changed from the one I knew in the earlier books!
-- 5 Stars, Jalanne Barnes, Amazon
Holy Hotness! Read this book - The 5th Element meets 50 Shades!
-- Goodreads Reviewer

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