Guarding Grayson; a LodeStar Series Prequel

Guarding Grayson; a LodeStar Series Prequel

His ex-girlfriend just knocked on his front door. But that's not the worst part—she's dead!

By Cathryn Cade w/a CJ CADE

Series: The LodeStar Series

A LodeStar Prequel novella

Grayson Stark is a gifted painter. No one knows just how gifted—he paints the future from his dreams.

Until someone trashes his studio with a violence that says murder may be next. Now he's lying low in the last place anyone would look for him … a little town called Landings, New Mexico.

But if he thinks his Area 51-obsessed neighbors are weird, he's in for a bigger shock the night he answers the door and finds his ex-girlfriend on his front steps. His very, very dead ex-girlfriend.

Brynne was gorgeous and annoying when she was alive—now she's just plain scary.

And she's not the only one occupying her body.  E'ea, a novice Galactic Guardian, is bent on saving Grayson, Brynne and the future of the Stark dynasty.

Can she keep the battling couple alive long enough to show them their importance in the galaxy's future?

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