Her Commander

Her Commander

She can kill with her bare hands … but what will this lethal beauty do to his heart?

Series: The Orion Series

Book 2

She's a half-human, half-Serpentian warrior who'll guard his ship with her life. He's the tough, war-seasoned captain of the Orion. But in their battle of hearts, it's winner take all.

**Author's Note: This book was previously published in 2009**

As a member of the legendary Serpentian guard, Tessa Alligon has been trained to kill, with her bare hands if necessary. And with her legs? She can take a strong man where no man's gone before. But when Captain Craig walks into the first Orion crew briefing, Tessa falls head over heels. Now to get the handsome commander to see how perfect they could be together.

Captain Steve Craig is a Space Forces veteran on his first peace-time assignment. The bridge of the huge, sleek space ship Orion is just what his battle-weary soul needs. But the alluring females in his ship's guard are strictly off limits … until PTSD knocks out this tough, ex-soldier, and Tessa is there to catch him.

Their first embrace flames hot enough to heat the cold of deep space. But Craig knows the liaison is a mistake, and one he can't afford to make again. Too bad he now has a hissing viper by the tail–one with revenge on her mind. Tessa aims to show him she's not a woman to be trifled with, and she doesn't mind doing it in front of the entire crew.

When Steve learns a saboteur is hiding on board his ship, perhaps even in the Orion's ships guard, he now wonders … is Tessa merely a woman scorned? Or is she the saboteur he must stop at all costs?

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Wonderfully Delicious! Cade is off the hook with world & character building! Each place visited makes me feel as if I'm there. Will keep you up late, and tired in the morning.
-- 5 Stars, Denise J, Amazon Reviewer
Perfect Blend of Hot Romance & Action Hadn't read a Sci Fi/Romance before and didn't know what I was missing! Chemistry between hero & heroine, and the action, kept me on the edge of my seat. Hoping for many more of these type of books from Ms Cade.
-- 5 Stars, Amazon Reviewer
Fantastic mixture of Sci Fi, romance, action and suspense. A complex universe, panty-wringing sex, as satisfying as the first in series.
-- 5 Stars, Carin, Amazon Reviewer
Great story with action, suspense, twists and romance.
-- 5 Stars, Brina, Amazon Reviewer

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