Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bryght

Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bryght

To save their ship from disaster… she must surrender to a beast.

Series: Orion Series, Book 1

Book 1

He's an alpha Tyger, trapped on the space ship Orion in mating shiftwith only her between him and madness.

Tryon Jag is handsome, wealthy and arrogant. With good reason–he's the best of the elite Tyger navigators trusted to bring ships like Orion through the deadly asteroid belts around his home planet … until he shifts into a feral half-man, half-cat with only one thing on his mind.

They'll never make it to safety, unless they bring him the one woman who ran from him.

Calla Fellura loves her job as interpreter on this state-of-the-art space cruise ship, but she's in uncharted territory with Jag. The virile alpha can have any woman he wants–why would he choose the naïve, shy Tygress who turned their first hookup into a snarling disaster, humiliating him in front of his entire planet? Unless she’s the only one of his kind available.

This time, she must stay … and blossom into the Tygress she's meant to be.

* This novella, first published in 2008, has been re-written with added material. *

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Top 10 Series of 2012! What do you get when you mix sci fi & romance? If you're Cathryn Cade, you get a compelling mix of the best of both genres.
-- My Reading Obsession
Grabs the reader's attention from the very first sentence and doesn't let go. This is a story full of passion, intrigue, humor and good old-fashioned romance. Cade has done a terrific job on a story that will appeal to readers of many genres.
-- 4 blue ribbons
Cheryl McInnis, Romance Junkies
Sexy, sexy adult sci-fi. Spaceships! Shapeshifters! Sex! Life doesn't get any better than this. A shapeshifting tiger/ man, a wide-eyed female who ends up giving as good as she gets, a subplot that elevated the story from just sci-fi erotica to something with depth. Everything I was looking for before I knew I was looking for it.
-- Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal
The Star Trek we always wanted to see! Buy this book!
-- Read More Romance Book Reviews
A fast paced, red hot and sexy read.
-- Amy Parker
What incredible writing! Absolutely HOT and HEART-THUMPING! No regrets buying this one!
-- 5 stars
Stephanie Wan
Loved it! Sexy, funny and sweet, all at once. Highly recommended.
-- 5 stars
Mary Elizabeth Thomas

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