Welcome to CJ Cade's NEW site! - CJ Cade

Welcome to CJ Cade’s NEW site!

I've been thinking for a while now, time to rev up the energy conversion units and take off for deep space.

So here we go, space cadets! Back out into the Cade-iverse, with some new stories, some re-purposed stories, and some classics.

Check out the site, especially the Coming Soon page. And let me know what you think, okay? Love to hear from you.

Here are 2 re-purposed stories for you! Guarding Grayson; a LodeStar Series Prequel & Reaching Reva: a Great Space Race Series Prequel were written as Kindle World stories, but now they exist only in the Cade-iverse. They even have added content & characters! 

All you have to do to Own & Read them both, is Sign Up for my emails on the RIGHT >>.

Or, if you're already a subscriber, you'll receive the link in the next email I send out.


Cathryn Cade writing as CJ CADE

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