About Me

Hello From the Other Side, Sci Fi Romance Readers!

I'm Cathryn Cade, now writing Sci Fi Romance as CJ CADE.

What will you find when you visit my new sites & pages?

The same sexy, action-packed space opera, the same great mix of strong heroines, alpha heroes, alien encounters, space pirates, quarks and lasers–just under a new, easy to find pen name.

I'm not trying to hide my Sexy Contemporary Romance, Sexy Paranormal Contemporary Romance, or the Sci Fi Romance. I'm splitting them out so the sales search engines find you the books you want, and skip the ones you don't.

I'll always have links to the sister sites easy to find, 'cause I know some of you don't care which genre, you just want a sexy, heart-wrenching romance with a guaranteed HEA.

Either way, here are some updated links for you!

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Cathryn aka CJ Cade