Reaching Reva; a Great Space Race series Prequel

Reaching Reva; a Great Space Race series Prequel

They're stuck on the wrong planet at the wrong time…with each other. They could use a little help.

By Cathryn Cade w/a CJ CADE

Series: Great Space Race Series

Aurelian Reva'la A'Qen has found her perfect man–except he doesn’t want her.

When Reva hears Aurelian Military Commander T'Van A'Ralle laughing at her with his friends, she's devastated. On impulse, she enters the mysterious new space jump device…and is ripped away from her world.

Van A'Ralle is on a mission to explore and claim a new planet in a parallel galaxy. Instead, he emerges from his jump pod in his own galaxy… two centuries back in time, with Reva at his side instead of his military team.

Stranded on Earth, in a strange little settlement called Landings, he must find help to locate his team somewhere in the future, while attempting to keep the rebellious Reva safe.

Van soon learns that he was all too hasty in his dismissal of Reva. With an unknown assassin in pursuit, she displays courage and heart. Van discovers his feelings for the fiery strawberry blonde run deeper than he ever dreamed possible.

Can Van convince the woman he scorned to give him another chance, before the assassin eliminates any hope of their returning to the future, together?

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