They're out to win a dangerous race against deadly opponents... if they don't kill each other first.

By Cathryn Cade w/a CJ CADE

Series: Great Space Race Series

Great Space Race Series

This Tygress is in a race for her life… in more ways than one.

Mia Jag is sick of living in her famous older brother's shadow. She's out to prove herself as talented a navigator as he. And in Octiron's Great Space Race, she sees her chance.

Partnered with a stranger to make the difficult and dangerous race in an unknown star system? No problem–she'll simply use her Tyger charm to beguile her partner into doing things her way, and her Tyger senses to guide them to a sure win.

But when her partner for the race is announced, her plans are sucked into a black hole.

Instead of one of the more easily managed races, her partner is from one of the most feared and little known–an Aurelian. Ferocious and warlike, they rule their isolated quadrant of the stars without mercy, refusing to join the InterGalactic Alliance or allow diplomatic missions to cross their borders

And Aurelian Prince D’Arek A’Renoq looks like he could give lessons in laying waste to opponentsstarting with her.

Worst of all, she'd probably enjoy it.

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