Prince of Dragons

Prince of Dragons

A powerful Dragon shifter and a lethal beauty team up to protect the spaceship Orion…but find themselves locked in a battle of the sexes and a fight for their lives!  

Series: The Orion Series

Book 3

Sirena Blaze is a seductress renowned across the galaxy for leaving enthralled lovers in her wake.

But when the Orion is threatened by evil in the form of deadly serpents, this guard captain is all business. Until she meets her new co-captain of the guard, that is. He's a fabulous hunk of male, and she sees no reason they can't enjoy each other. But for the first time, a man turns her down flat.

Slyde Stone has never wanted anyone more than his beautiful, sultry co-captain.

But he has a secret—he's a dragon shifter, one of a legendary race who must mate for life, or not at all. Though he burns to have her, he must keep Sirena at a distance, even if it means watching her with other men and dealing with her fury at his cold shoulder.

Sirena sets out to get her revenge, in the form of seduction. All the odds are in her favor, until Slyde makes her a wager she can't refuse—if she finds the deadly serpents first, she wins one night with him. But if he wins, Sirena must agree to be his—forever.

Either way, she can't lose… or can she?

Slip into your heat-proof space suits—it's snakes on a spaceship in this smoking hot sci fi romance!

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Best of the series! A depth and maturity both enthralling and captivating.
-- 5 stars, Royal Reviews
Hot! Love the characters Cade has created, as well as her marvelous galaxy of beings. Loved the battle of wills between these two strong characters!
-- 5 stars, J. Thomas, Long and Short of It Reviews
Wow! Cade's best one yet. Highlights this talented author in so many ways. A great book — an extraordinary one.
-- 5 teacups & a Recommended Read, Hunter, HEA reviews
SMART GIRLS LOVE SCI FI Pick 3 - Our Favorite Dragons! This science fiction romance isn't what most people think of when picturing a dragon shape shifter, but it combined several of my favorite things! Romance, science fiction, dragons, and a strong female lead! Sirena is no wilting flower, and Slyde is not your typical hero.
-- Recommended Read, Smart Girls Love Sci Fi

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